Treatment system adopted by the Company about the formulation of complaints

COTRAB Company, in accordance with the current standard on “measures regarding the minimal content of specific rights requirable by the users of transport services on bus towards the management and the related infrastructures with regard to complaints processing”, enabled an easy access, simple system for the processing of aforementioned.

Such system was figured with particular regard to disabled users’ needs, guaranteeing the satisfaction of every following step:

  1. the possibility of presenting complaints in english other than italian, receiving an answer in the same language;
  2. the possibility of having multiple channels for forwarding complaints, including:
    • the website, through the compilation of an appropriate editable form, with transmission via mail after compiling, to the address
    • presentation of the complaint via registered letter R.R. sending the compiled form to the following address: COTRAB – Via Appia, 185 – 85100 Potenza
    • presentation of the complaint by hand to the address COTRAB – Via Appia, 185 – 85100 Potenza, followed by the release of a receipt with arrival stamp curated by the company staff.

It is without prejudice to the possibility for the user of presenting the complaint without the editable pdf form, considering that only the complaints reporting the following points will be considered as manageable:

  1. indicative references of the user (name, surname, address) and their eventual representative, attaching in that case the delegation and an identity document of the user);
  2. indicative references of the performed or planned trip (date, time of departure, provenance and destination) and the contract of carriage (booking code/ticket number) or, even better, a copy of the travel document;
  3. a description of the inconsistency of the service, detected regarding one or several requirements established by european or national legislation, of General Transport Conditions or, where foreseen, the adoption of the Service Card.

Always in accordance with the current legislation COTRAB ensures the examination of the clients’ complaints within a defined period. Given below there are the chronological steps in this regard (under the assumption that the complaint is meant to be sent and received, on the day of sending if via mail, on the day of reception of the registered letter if via postal delivery, on the day of acquisition to the internal protocol if hand-delivered or via regular mail):

  • the passenger shall submit their complaint within three months from the date of the supposedly provided regular bus transport service.
  • the carrier, within a month from the delivery of the complaint shall notify to the passenger one of the following possibilities: accepted, rejected or still under consideration.
  • the carrier, within three months from the delivery of the complaint, is required to give the client a definitive response.

Moreover, if COTRAB doesn’t provide a proper feedback to the complaints by the set deadline, an indemnity, envisaged by the General Transport Conditions, will be supplied, specifying that nothing is owed in the following cases:

  • the amount is less than 4,00€;
  • the complaint isn’t forwarded by the user through the procedures, the minimum elements and the timing provided by the deliberation Art. n.28/2021, previously summarized;
  • an indemnity has already been paid to the user, relating to a complaint about the same trip.

Lastly, in case of lacking response within the aforementioned timing, the user shall proceed using the following alternative remedies: